Workshops with Students

In her teaching Sherman stresses the importance of learning how to see.

Her students work from observation and imagination and study the elements of art.

One of her favored activities with students of all ages is plein air work ( working from observation out-of -doors). In the photo the children were sketching trees with charcoal . This activity not only increases the students' ability to observe and use materials expressively, but also strengthens their relationship to the natural world.

Deborah Sherman is available to teach workshops in a variety of materials to students of all ages. Contact her for more details.

Fifth grade /acrylic on canvas

The children in this seminar learned about color theory and different painting techniques . Next they used a basic palette of acrylic colors to create an image of their choice. They learned how to mix many new colors and experimented with paint application. Ms.Sherman can teach basic techniques or work with more advanced students.

FIfth grade/acrylic painting
This student chose to explore the pointillist technique in her seascape. All the children enjoy learning how to make different marks with the brush to better express their Ideas.
5th grade /"Stained Glass"
The fifth graders used special paints to create transparent paintings on acetate. They looked at images of stained glass from medieval and contemporary artists for inspiration.
5th grade / Drawing the Still life
Students created their own arrangements of flowers and used soft pastels to create their work. It was important that they chose the image they wanted to study.
5th grade / Lino prints
The children were eager to work with the new medium of soft linoleum. It was also fun to experiment with mixing new and different colors of ink to develop their work.
Sketching Outside...5th Grade
Fifth grade students work outside to develop botanical drawings.
Nature drawing / 5th grade
The children always enjoy going outside to sketch spring flowers. Concentration on form and line helps them to succeed.
Shape Composition/ 5th grade
After studying the work of Kandinsky the fifth graders developed their own non-objective compositions. They combined oil pastel and watercolor in this assignment.
Shapes in Space /Fifith grade
The children used light cardboard to craft these sculptures using variations of a shape. It was important to strive to make the pieces visually exciting from all viewpoints.
Netsuke Variations / Fifth grade
After viewing many examples of Japanese Netsuke the children created their own small pieces. It was fun to sculpt detailed works on a small scale!
Dragons / Grade five
The children made their own dragons with watercolor and ink after they viewed depictions of dragons from many different cultures! This assignment stimulated their imaginations and improved their drawing and painting skills.
Working Outdoors / Grade four

The students spent several days outside working in the landscape during Project Based Learning week. Their concentration was wonderful to see! They produced compositions in paint bawed on their observation and study of other landscape painters.

Landscape/ Grade four
This is one of the works created during our landscape painting project for fourth graders. The medium is watercolor.
Sea Life Mural / Fourth grade
The students study the undersea world in the fourth grade. All the fourth graders made paintings of different sea creatures. which were combined in this lovely mural for our library, Materials included oil pastels and watercolor paint.
Glue relief Print / Grade four
The children enjoyed working freely with glue to create their relief prints. This new technique encouraged experimentation.
Glazed Creatures / Grade four
Glazed Clay
Fourth grade students created sculptures of fantastic animals inspired by their study of Chinese sculpture and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum. They used glazes creatively in their work reflecting their use in ancient artworks.
Klee Grids / Grade four
The students studied the work of Paul Klee and then designed their own inventive"grids" Color was mixed from a palette of primary colors to finish their works.
Fauve Painting / Grade four
Grade 4
This student chose to create a landscape inspired by the Fauves. The young artist employed expressive brushstrokes and brilliant colors.
Composition using a Letter/ Grade four
This young artist used oil pastel and watercolor to create a composition inspired by the letter"T". Work using symbols to aid in the development of an abstract composition allows the student to freely explore color and shape.
Button Collage / Grade four
The children enjoyed seeing the different types of materials employed be artists at the American Museum of Folk Art. Back in the studio we made collages with many different kinds of buttons.
Project Based Learning- Tree Project
The fourth graders spent a week creating this paper mache tree sculpture along with many creatures that live in the same environment. They worked together on this special project that was put on permanent display in the school.
Foam Print / Third grade
Third grade students depicted animals they were studying in their home base classroom in these prints. They worked hard to use texture to enhance the designs of their styrofoam printing plates.
Paintings Inspired by Totem Animals / Grade three
The children made three foot long paintings inspired by the totems of the Northwest Coast people. Twenty of these pieces were displayed as a backdrop for their play about Native Americans.
Expressive Masks / Third grade
The children visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and viewed several works depicting faces. These masks showing different emotions were part of a unit exploring the face in art that we worked on in the art studio.
Snowflake Fantasy Prints
The third grade students designed abstract prints after studying images of snowflakes. They engraved their designs on shaped pieces of foam and learned printing techniques.
Cloisters Visit / Second Grade
The children toured the museum and sketched from works of art. They also reflected on their experience by recording their memories in their sketchbooks when they returned to school.
Illuminated letters / Second grade
The children viewed examples of illuminated letters in class and at the Cloisters. They created their own versions with a variety of materials including markers, paints and colored pencils.
Unicorn Mural / Second grade
After the children studied the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters they worked together to make this lively mural filled with imaginary creatures and flowers.
Rose Windows / Second Grade
The children studied rose windows from the middle ages and a modern example by Henri Matisse.. They made their own designs with permanent marker on acetate.
Foam Print / Second Grade
The second graders chose a vertical or horizontal shape for their prints. The challenge was to design a composition that filled the space beautifully and master printing technique.
Butterflies/ Grade one
The children used acetate, modeling material and wire to make butterfly sculptures. Color was added with marker. This work reflected their classroom study of butterflies.
Fold-over prints/ First grade
The first graders created fold-over prints using white tempera on black paper. They enhanced their "butterflies" with oil pastel.
Hot Air Balloons/ First grade
The children made hot air balloons from paper mache and painted them with brilliant tempera. This project was created in conjunction with their scientific study of wind in their classroom.
Imaginary Tree / First grade
The first graders made this tree which was used as scenery for their play. They sketched real leaves and then worked from imagination to make large trees for the play that was staged in their classroom.
Leaf Mural / First grade
The children created large cut outs of leaves that were combined in a mural displayed at school. They loved looking at Matisse's works as a preparation!
Bouquet collage /First Grade
The students sketched flowers and viewed floral still lifes by Van Gogh and others prior to creating this piece. They used oil pastels to develop imaginative flowers for this group collage.